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Initially founded as the Midlands Historical Review, we now publish content on any subject within the Arts and Humanities and work with individuals across the globe. These changes are reflected in our recent rebrand as The MHR and through a new initiative of Regional Editors and teams. Find out how to get involved below.

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Spotlight series

British High-Seas’ Sovereignty: A ‘Fisherman’s Tale’

British High-Seas’ Sovereignty: A ‘Fisherman’s Tale’[1] Dr David Robinson is the Editor-in-Chief of The MHR and an Honorary Post-Doctoral Fellow of the University of Nottingham. In this Spotlight article, he discusses Britain’s shifting (shifty?) presentation of history over fishing rights… For the past five years, sovereignty has been the dominant feature of British public discourse. […]


Witches and the Devil in Early Modern Visual Cultures: Constructions of the Demonic Other

Abstract Throughout the early modern period, many Europeans believed in the reality of witchcraft. Those accused of being diabolic witches were thought to have signed a pact with Satan, to worship him, attend Sabbaths, and devise ways to harm humans through maleficia. Witches functioned as an inversion of Christian society, whereby they and their actions […]

Book reviews

Katie Barclay, Caritas: Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern Self (2021)

Katie Barclay, Caritas: Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern Self (2021) Abstract In this article, Lucy Morgan reviews Caritas: Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern Self by Katie Barclay, published in hardback and e-book in January 2021. This book explores the Christian concept of caritas as an expression of neighbourly love and how it was […]

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