Want to join our Team?

The MHR is always looking for new recruits to join our team, whether that be through expanding our team regionally with Regional Editors and teams or our central Editorial team with new Assistant Editors. At times, we may also be recruiting for other roles within our Editorial team, all of which will be advertised below. If you wish to get involved with the MHR through any of the listed roles below or have any questions about the roles, please email midlandshistoricalreview@gmail.com 

Regional Editor

The MHR is seeking expressions of interest from potential Regional Editors based at any university or academic institution, world-wide.

Regional Editors would be responsible, with our full support, in developing a unit of The MHR, with the initial aim of producing just 3-5 pieces for publication per year from their institutions. This might be research articles, book reviews, shorter ‘conversational’ pieces, and resources aimed at undergraduates.

The MHR already has a full editing team that can support new Regional Editors. Your key role, initially, would be to network, advertise the journal, generate interest from potential writers and contributors. Here is an overview of how the Regional Editors will operate in The MHR team.

This role can be undertaken individually or, ideally, by building a small team of colleagues.

If this exciting role is of interest to you or have questions about the role and/or the journal, please contact:

Dr David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, MHR or email midlandshistoricalreview@gmail.com

Book Reviewer

We are currently recruiting for individuals to join our pool of book-reviewers. We are seeking postgraduate students willing to review books for our journal.

Members of the pool will be invited to write reviews (around 1500 words) for newly published works in their area of study. All reviews written by our book-reviewers are peer-reviewed and published online here on The MHR website. For more information on Book Review publications go to our Submissions page or read our Guidance on Writing Book Reviews.

Current titles that we are looking for reviews on include:

Caitlin Gillespie, 2018, Boudica: Warrior Woman of Roman Britain

James E. Kelly and Susan Royal, 2016, Early Modern English Catholicism: Identity, Memory and Counter-Reformation

Sophia Psarra, 2018, The Venice Variations: Tracing the Architectural Imagination

Worlds in Miniature: Contemplating Miniaturisation in Global Material Culture. Edited by Jack Davy and Charlotte Dixon, 2019

Charles Withers, 2017, Zero Degrees: Geographies of the Prime Meridian

Kevin J. Hayes, 2017, George Washington: A Life in Books

Shashi Tharoor, 2017, Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India

Christopher Phillips, 2020, Civilian Specialists at War: Britain’s Transport Experts and the First World War

Frank Dikötter, 2019, How to Be a Dictator: The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century

Branko Milanovic, 2016, Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization

If you would like to join our pool of book-reviewers, review any of the above titles or would like to review another title not listed, then please email midlandshistoricalreview@gmail.com

Assistant Editor

We are currently recruiting new Assistant Editors to join The MHR team

Assistant Editors are a very important member of our Editorial team who:

  • Peer-review a range of original research: articles, dissertations, conference papers, book reviews
  • Part of an expanding team dedicated to promoting and connecting student voices in academia
  • Hone your own skills as a critical writer and editor
  • Flexible and manageable workload
  • Promote the journal across HE institutions and help to expand the team
  • Scope to engage with the leadership team to share your ideas and help achieve journal goals
  • Contribute content

If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Editor or have questions about the role and/or the journal, please email midlandshistoricalreview@gmail.com